Friday, October 14, 2016

October Blog Post :: Venting?

I just started writing this post and realized that, off the top of my head, I honestly don't even remember the last time I posted here.

Truth is I've gone through job changes in the past few months; left my old job with a law firm after being offered a position with a different company so I have been very busy with the transition.

*sigh* Who am I kidding, if I'm being totally honest even though my new job has been keeping on my toes all to my delight, I had just been lazy in keeping up with my blog hence why I didn't come on here a lot (read at all).

Anyway, today I mostly want to vent. I think. I'm not quite sure though. I can't seem to figure out the emotions I am feeling today, let alone put them down in writing. But, with me, even if I don't really know what to write, somehow the mere act of writing puts things in perspective and cheers me up. I'm pretty sure by now, you (which ever poor soul is reading this), have figured out there may be no actual point to this post and that I am basically having a 'dear diary moment'; if you hadn't figured that out, now you know.

I think I'm done now lol.

I have a few ideas for the blog in the very near future so I promise you won't be seeing a dear diary post; at least not for a long minute (let's hope so *fingers crossed*).

Hope you guys have all been fairing well. 'See' you soon.

Anne xo

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