Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Throughout the years we have (obviously) met and interacted with different people. Some have had more of an impact in our lives than others. Aside from that, through, call it chemistry or fate or whatever you choose to, we have grown close to some of these people while not necessarily growing close to others.

Now, I've always been a very accepting of other people and their differences in characters. I am friends with all kinds of people from all walks of life because to me, as long as I have the right chemistry with you, we can be friends regardless of whatever differences we may have in other aspects. I mean, I don't have to accept what you believe in, be it political, religious etc. For me its quite simple, who you are as a person and how you treat other people is what matters the most.

Society has more often than not placed a lot of expectations on how people should be. In this case I'm not talking about the social norms of how people treat one another and how society behaves in general because in that case I believe we need social norms to guide how we act towards one another. I mean it's not like I want people to be thieves or to just go around killing or anything like that.

What I'm on about right now is the way society wants people to be and act on a personal level. How you're supposed to be doing this at this age and that at that age. I think every single one of us was made in a unique way and making people conform to what is considered 'normal' is forcing people to lose who they really are and get lost as individuals. I, as well as some of my 20-something friends, have at times found ourselves asking and questioning our identities as individuals; trying to 'find ourselves' so to speak, and yes I do see how corny that sounds but this is how I can best explain it.

After some reflection, I came to realize that, because everyone is different, there are people who have somehow managed to make rules as to how people are 'supposed to be'....these "select" few have created expectations of the society. You're supposed to follow a certain specified path from birth to death. Sure you can slightly deviate but not too much because then you will be frowned upon. It's these expectations that ultimately put pressure on us and force us to be not who we really are but rather what we are 'expected' to be.

I for one believe in being true to one's self. I believe we have all been made unique and special and just magical and to be anything less than who we really are is nothing short of robbing ourselves of the best experience we can and should have in life. Its okay to sometimes make mistakes, veer off to a path that may end up hurting us because I believe everything, regardless how horrible it seems, happens for a reason and maybe it's necessary to pass through it even if it may not make sense at the time.

I believe in being myself, my true self for all intents and purposes and if this 'society' doesn't seem to agree with that then it's okay as long as I'm being true to myself. Those who accept us in our true selves are after all the one's worth having in this magical ride call life. So I say, be true to yourself, love, be kind to everyone and just live your life YOUR way. As for society's expectations? Well you live your life for you, not the society....remember how you were born alone and will ultimately be buried alone? Yeah exactly.

Till next time!

Anne xo


In my last post here I mentioned how I had a lot to write about and how I couldn't digest my ideas and write them down. Almost a month later and my head is still a jumbled mess. Okay maaaybe I'm exaggerating a little bit here because it kinda sounds like I'm walking around totally confused and can barely function. That's really not what I mean. 

What I am saying is that I have a lot of ideas about how I want to deal with my blog especially in long term goals and having to figure that out while sorting out my post ideas has been a little tricky. Okay so I started out with a particular path for this post but I feel lost.....(see what I mean? It's not even a joke guys).

So, about my many ideas; I have an honest passion for this blog and it honestly is one of the few things that are constantly a source of joy and even excitement for me (however far-apart my posts may be, this is completely, seriously). I have been following and reading different kinds of blogs ranging from food blogs, fashion blogs, personal blogs and so forth and lately I have been getting more and more inspired to let my own blog grow. It just feels like I can be or do so much more than I am doing right now and if blogging at this scale feels this good, imagine how it will feel when it's on an even larger scale? I do realize at this point that I may not be making much sense to whichever poor soul is reading this, or maybe I am....I don't know.

Anyway, I have realized that writing about this, like I am doing right now, is actually helping me to focus on the many ideas and thoughts all jumbled in my head. *light-bulb moment*.

So to whoever is reading this, my advice to you is, if you find yourself a little confused and overwhelmed about work, school, personal issues or whatever it is that seems so overwhelming, maybe take a step back and instead of trying to tackle the whole entire thing, try going at it little by little....piece by piece, it will make things so much easier and manageable. I mean, look at me right? 

Till next time.

PS: I just love this illustration and yes I know it totally has NOTHING to do with the post other than for the obvious aesthetic purposes. You can check out more of this talented lady's work here where I linked her Instagram account.

Anne xo

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Food for Thought

I have a lot to post about but for some reason my thoughts are all jumbled up in my head. So I'm going to give myself time and let my head breathe for a while before I put them all down. Don't forget to listen to your body, it often knows more than we think and always steers us in the right direction. If it doesn't feel right at the moment, give it time, don't force yourself. You'll find much better results after.

In the mean time I thought I'd share a few insightful words.

Anne xo