Wednesday, August 2, 2017

August Blog Post:: Re-Returns

Where do I even start?

I think maybe this time I am just going to avoid all the intros where I say how it's been long and how I've had a lot going on and how that's the reason why I didn't post for over eight months. Truth is sometimes life just simply gets in the way and before you know it, eight months have passed. Oh wow, look at that, I still did the intro....smh *face palm*.

Moving on, to start on what I hope will be a more regular blogging schedule (dear Lord let it be so), I am just going to post a bunch of food pictures I have taken in numerous occasions and share them with you. 

Truth be told, I need a bit of easing in this time around because it feels like I’ve lost this part of me in all these months; and you know what, with all that's in me, I'm damn sure going to get my groove back.

That being said, enjoy!

All featured here are courtesy of my very own kitchen. I kinda got my cooking mojo back lately (story for another day).

I hope I'll see you soon; you know what, I WILL 'see' you all soon.

Anne xo

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