Friday, May 13, 2016

Hello May

It is certainly WAAAY past the point to come up with a May post but hey, this is a special month for me so I'm gonna go ahead and ignore that minor detail.

So I mentioned in previous posts how my work lets me travel to different parts of the country, actually I used to travel to a lot more different places in my previous job than I do in my current job but I wouldn't change a thing (that's a story for a different day altogether.)

I had a chance to travel to Tanga at the beginning of the month and thought I would share some of the snaps I took. And yes, the majority of the photos DO show what my major priority is during my trips there, or anywhere really; if I'm being honest that's my major interest even when I'm just at home.

I stayed at the Tanga Beach Resort which is honestly one of the most beautiful places to stay in Tanga. I always look forward to my trips there. I mean, being catered to all times of the day is on its own enough to have me over the moon (figuratively) but the location and scenery is just breathtakingly beautiful! I feel as though the pictures simply just don't do it justice.

Also, this is NOT an ad; although, I wish it were because then it would mean I'm doing my dream job where I get to travel to places and review them for a living lol.....again, a topic for a completely different post.

I hope this month treats you all well loves!

Anne xo

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