Wednesday, September 30, 2015


In my last post here I mentioned how I had a lot to write about and how I couldn't digest my ideas and write them down. Almost a month later and my head is still a jumbled mess. Okay maaaybe I'm exaggerating a little bit here because it kinda sounds like I'm walking around totally confused and can barely function. That's really not what I mean. 

What I am saying is that I have a lot of ideas about how I want to deal with my blog especially in long term goals and having to figure that out while sorting out my post ideas has been a little tricky. Okay so I started out with a particular path for this post but I feel lost.....(see what I mean? It's not even a joke guys).

So, about my many ideas; I have an honest passion for this blog and it honestly is one of the few things that are constantly a source of joy and even excitement for me (however far-apart my posts may be, this is completely, seriously). I have been following and reading different kinds of blogs ranging from food blogs, fashion blogs, personal blogs and so forth and lately I have been getting more and more inspired to let my own blog grow. It just feels like I can be or do so much more than I am doing right now and if blogging at this scale feels this good, imagine how it will feel when it's on an even larger scale? I do realize at this point that I may not be making much sense to whichever poor soul is reading this, or maybe I am....I don't know.

Anyway, I have realized that writing about this, like I am doing right now, is actually helping me to focus on the many ideas and thoughts all jumbled in my head. *light-bulb moment*.

So to whoever is reading this, my advice to you is, if you find yourself a little confused and overwhelmed about work, school, personal issues or whatever it is that seems so overwhelming, maybe take a step back and instead of trying to tackle the whole entire thing, try going at it little by little....piece by piece, it will make things so much easier and manageable. I mean, look at me right? 

Till next time.

PS: I just love this illustration and yes I know it totally has NOTHING to do with the post other than for the obvious aesthetic purposes. You can check out more of this talented lady's work here where I linked her Instagram account.

Anne xo

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