Monday, April 27, 2015

Dinner Date :)

Okay so maybe this wasn't exactly a "date" in the strictest terms. It was just two girls deciding on an impulse to maaaybe pass-by somewhere after work (possibly sneaking off work an hour or two early). I'm not saying we really did sneak off work early, just in case my boss is browsing through my blog and happens upon this particular post......I was at work till it was time to clock-off okay?

So, back to the point. We went to this really beautiful Jamaican Restaurant called Velisa's here in Dar es Salaam. I couldn't find the link to its website but that should give you an idea of the place.

This is what we had for dinner....I don't remember what my friend ordered but I had jerk chicken, rice with beans, fried plantains and a sweet avocado salad. It was my first time trying out Jamaican cuisine and I was NOT disappointed at all. Well it helps that I love food and rarely do I ever not like what I'm eating.

I'm a sucker for the ocean and this is part of the view from the restaurant

These are some of the pictures we took. Not the best quality but you get the idea. I'll try to capture more pictures next time so you guys can better see how beautiful the whole setting is.

Till next time!

Anne xo


  1. As the photographer, and date, I believe some credit is due! We should do this again soon, with better Cameras *wink *wink

  2. hahahaha right..... Yes ladies and gentlemen she helped taking some of the pictures, just some though :P

  3. Hahaha.... Photo creds go out to Ms Bahati 😘