Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Back to Basics :)

Ask any one of my old friends, not old age-wise just friends who've known me over a long time, and they will tell you how much of a reader I used to be.

I used to love reading books, mostly fiction novels and at any given time I would have a book stowed somewhere ready for me to dive back into in between (what I thought were) these boring day - to - day routines. My mom wasn't a particular fan of this given I would gladly put away my school work or rush through it so I could gratefully get back to my wonderful fictional world....ah was it wonderful!

Over the years I found myself reading less and less and less to the point where over six months ( close to a year really but I don't wanna count the actual time passed, so ashamed of myself) have passed since I read anything *pause for reaction*......nothing? ok. Work reading doesn't count, just to be clear.

So anyway, I recently traveled for work to Pemba Island and I had to stay there for a night. Now usually I absolutely love traveling and exploring new places but this time I wasn't very eager to, it might have to do with the fact I traveled alone, or maybe its just an excuse and I didn't feel like exploring anything so whatever; that's not the point, got a little carried away there, boy do I get distracted easily huh..

As I was saying, I have a couple, or maybe more, of books at home so I decided to carry one along, just in case. Wow, the feeling I got when I opened the first page, all the excitement I used to get when I was reading just came rushing back in! The book I chose has nothing to do with it, its just that I had A novel and I was lost in the pages with the characters and their story. Suffice it to say, I think its time I went back to basics like the pleasures of a simple book. Its amazing how fulfilling that can be....

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