Thursday, June 12, 2014

Birthday wishes

So my birthday was a couple of weeks ago, last day of May *pause*, well thats to anyone out there who cares.
Maybe I'm partial but I think I have a pretty cool birth-date May 31st; always puts a smile on my face.
Yes yes you guessed right I'm one of THOSE people who think their birthday is a big deal and I have to do something special blah blah blah so whatever.

This year its been bitter-sweet, I had one single wish that couldn't possibly come true but hey, that's how life is sometimes right?

A couple of my BEST gal-pals took me to lunch, very grown up-ish of us. We had an amazing time! Right girls? I mean it wasn't just me right? lol

I may have possibly gained a dress size after that but it was just perfect and well worth it.

To top it off they got me a box of 20-something cupcakes.....well 25 cupcakes which is how old I am right now, I chose not to focus on my age because I really don't want to lol..

Honestly the day didn't start out so well, I had a lot on my mind but thanks to these two gorgeous amazing ladies, I ended up having one of the best days ever!!!
We had such a hard time leaving that our waiter had to politely ask us to pay so he can finish his shift because we had kept him there for close to an hour......don't worry, he got a nice apologetic tip for his trouble.

Here's to many more amazing birthdays to come!!

Anne xo


  1. We had a lovely time indeed, not just you! And swore to do it again soon, which we still haven't.
    I hope the year you have gained has made you a little wiser..I love reading your posts so no more laziness, I'm sure you have plenty to write about *wink

  2. We had a wonderful time, I really wish we could do more of such sessions often.
    Nana, you are a special girl. Keep being awesome and write more posts! xoxo