Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A little piece of home

So a few weeks ago I went home to my mom's and stayed with her for two weeks. It was SO relaxing after dealing with finals for over a month. There are alot of reasons why I love going home so much, other than the obvious fact that I get to spend time with my mom and kid brother, and one of them is the beauty of the place. I can never get tired of it and staying far from home only makes me appreciate it even more. I truly love the city and enjoy living here but (and yeah its cliché) but there is no place like home.
I planned on taking photos of the clear skies we usually have there at night when the sky is just alight and filled with the  prettiest stars, but this time around it was mostly cloudy :(.
I did manage to snap these beauties though. Don't you just love the scenery? I took the photos with my camera phone but I think they still turned out pretty great.
 I was trying to capture something in the last phot but my mom started driving so I ended up with this picture. I immediately loved how it came out like a cross between a painting and a photograph.
I'll try to capture more beautiful places from my home town and share them with you, I hope you enjoy my piece of home as much as I do.

Anne xo

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